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    Jetline Cruises

    I booked a cruise with Jetline Travel last December and as soon as I put the phone down I realised that I had made a mistake with the date and wanted the earlier cruise because some friends were also going. I contacted them within 10 minutes of making the booking and tried to change the date but I had no reply to my emails, phone calls, letters and FAX's - I even wrote to their MD but did not get a reply.

    About a month after making the booking I received a phone call from them telling me that the booking had been cancelled and so I asked them why they had taken the money from my credit card and they then rang back and informed me that it had not been cancelled. It appears its fine for them to make a mistake but not the customer. This is without doubt the most unprofessional cruise company that I have ever dealt with and even the Trading Standards Officer commented on how difficult it was to get any answers from them.

    I was advised to contact ABTA because their website indicates that the booking is not confirmed until the Invoice had been received but thjey were totally useless and would not explain what this guidance meant - they indicated that I should ask the company for a copy of the recorded booking but of course this would only have shown that I made a mistake which I did not deny. I informed them that a company that would not reply to over a dozen requests are hardly likely to provide this information which would have proved nothing.

    However, I am pleased to be able to say that I have informed a number of my friends about their most unprofessional conduct and they have gone to other companies. Jetline needs to understand that this type of short sighted poor service will have an adverse effect on the future of the company and whilst they may think that treating people this way is ok the customer will always win in the end.

    As an interesting ending to this our friends went to their agent and they were allowed to change their booking at no additional cost so guess who we will be booking our next cruise with - not Jetline that's for sure.

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    Yes they are a very strange company ~ sounds like they operate out of their living room. I rang once for a price on a Pullmantor cruise and could hear dog barking, kid crying and noises that sounded like pots and pans in the background.

    Sorry you had such a hard time with them & I hope you get everything sorted


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