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    Best P&O Ship??

    After coming off Ventura last Sunday, and not being too impressed by the ships layout or restaurant food....

    I ask, in your opinion, what is P&O's best ship and why?

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    Celebrity Eclipse - April 2010 - 4 Nights
    Independence Of The Seas -March 2011 - 11 Nights
    Ventura -March 2012 - 7 Nights
    Aurora - August 2012 - 2 Nights
    Aurora - April 2013 - 4 Nights
    Arcadia - July 2013 - 14 nights

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    We Were impressed with Oceana...........

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    The only P&O ship I've sailed on is Ventura. I enjoyed it so much that I cruised on her again. I mostly had dinner in the speciality restaurants though.

    The thing with P&O is that the ships seem to offer different things so you'll probably get every ship mentioned as the best of the fleet.

    I had one of these visits with lunch on Oriana and thought it a dull and dowdy's my brothers favourite though (since Canberra went). I had curry for lunch and was offered a choice of....................boiled potatoes

    It would be great if we could try them all, wouldn't it?


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    The last 2 cruises we did with P&O were Artemis & Adonia. We thought the food on both was rubbish. We heard other people saying how lovely the food was. No accounting for taste! Unfortunately we are comparing with how things 'used to be' and then would have classed P&O as excellent. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff has also gone down. The big plus is that they go from Southampton. We did a trip on Oriana 1999, Cape Town to Singapore and couldn't fault it in any way. Next month we are giving Cunard a try for the first time. I have read reviews that differ enormously so guess the only way is to try it.

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    After coming of Venture last Sunday, and not being to impressed by the ships layout and restaurant food.

    I ask in your opinion that is P&O's best ship and why?
    Oh dear i'm going on Ventura in a few weeks, what didn't you like about her?
    I've been on Eclipse and although i loved the food and had a great time, i didn't like the lay out of that ship.
    I liked Oceana's lay-out with the theatre at one end and the show bar at the other. I also liked the way the buffet was laid out, in a straight line rather than wandering about all over the place............................................. .................Carol

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    My favourite at the moment is Azura.
    There are some we have not tried... give me time!
    Artemis... Great food, compact ship but too quiet.
    Oceana... Had the WOW impact, but seemingly getting a little tired.
    Ventura ... Great for the covered pool, super free pizzas.
    Azura ... same layout, so didn't get lost ONCE. Just that bit more classy!
    Would go on Ventura again, no problem. Cannot wait for our next one on Azura though.
    Want to try Aurora.. heard some good reports about her.

    *Carol M*

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    We've cruised on Ventura, Oriana, and Azura. This summer we are about to try Oceana for the first time too and we are really looking forward to that experience. We're slowly working our way around the fleet but our favourite so far is our very first P&O ship. She's big, she's fun, and she gives everyone a run for their money. Put quite simply.....she's Ventura.....and she captured our hearts from the moment we first stepped on board her.

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    Hm....Aurora is our least favourite ship of all the ones we've been on, but that was a few years ago and was possibly because the cruise director wasn't up to the job, but we weren't very impressed by the ship itself. She's the only ship I'd find it difficult to draw a map of, she made such a small impression, even though it was our longest cruise.
    Ventura is definitely our favourite of all the ships we've tried so far, and will take a lot of beating.
    I prefer crew who aren't in your face all the time....I find it a bit wearisome on some lines.
    I fancy Oceana, as I enjoyed the lay out on her twin, Sea Princess, which I can remember in detail 6+ years on.

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    Aurora, 122 days on her and loved every single one of them.

    Oriana, a close second, but with only half that number of days.

    Oceana, because it was out first cruise with P&O, which then got use hooked, many years ago.

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    Aurora, 122 days on her and loved every single one of them.

    Oriana, a close second, but with only half that number of days.

    Oceana, because it was out first cruise with P&O, which then got use hooked, many years ago.
    AURORA....would be our first choice diva,for the same reasons as you.Plus for me champions is the best bar in the p.o fleet..(for me I said)

    OCEANA...we have always enjoyed her.

    VENTURA.....we like her...but.....but......but......

    AZURA.....first couple of times...yeah...hmm.again?..maybe

    ORIANA.....had a few tries....not for me.....still would go on her though if we liked the itinerary.

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