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    Scheduled flight

    Our flight tickets say "Scheduled Flight" as opposed to the flight being chartered as usual, and I am wondering what difference if any this will make? Will it not be Fred Olsen guests only on the plane. Our flight tickets came direct from Fred Olsen in Ipswich and the cruise tickets and luggage labels were sent to our TA as normal. Just wondering!

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    Scheduled flight

    If you are on a scheduled flight ie a flight which takes place on a regular basis not a "one off" then you have to abide by the airline's rules on baggage etc. It will not be exclusivey got Fred. Olsen passengers (there will be others on board) and you will have to collect and clear your baggage. Fred. Olsen staff will meet you after Customs.
    FOCL often use charter flights exclusively for cruises but, at times, use scheduled flights. Frankly, the actual journey differsd little.


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