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    URGENT Advice Needed

    I have a group of 20 people affected by the latest 'ash', regular clients of mine, trying to get from Belfast to the Navigator of the Seas in Rome which sails tomorrow late afternoon. 8 of them managed to reroute to Trapani (TPS), Sicily via Dublin, whilst the other 12 managed to get a flight from Dublin to Bologna. Before they land we have found a number of options to get them to Rome.

    From Bologna looks like the high speed train is the best option, only 2hrs 20 mins and 80 Euros pp stazout=Rome&datag=05&datam=05&dataa=2010&timsh=11 &timsm=00&nreq=5&stazin_r=Staz_DA&stazout_r=Staz_A &datag_r=&datam_r=&dataa_r=&timsh_r=&timsm_r=00&nr eq_r=5&npag=2&sort=0&economy=0&det=&solotreno=0&no reservation=0&traintype=&car=0.

    Other options include a flight at 109 Euros, or coach at 125pp. If they want to arrive in style maybe a helicopter at a mere 13,000 would work!!

    For those who are on their way to Sicily they can get a coach (for Ryanair passengers only) to Palermo Airport for 12 Euro each and then a flight this evening with Alitalia at 19.20hrs for about 75 each.
    We are texting clients regularly with updates BUT HAS ANYONE GOT ANY BETTER IDEAS!
    Will keep you all posted
    Thanks Hannah

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