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    Bring Back the Frills?

    Have the low cost airlines go too far in terms of removing the 'frills'?

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    Have the low cost airlines go too far in terms of removing the 'frills'?
    I have no objection to removal of "frills" from short haul flights, if removal really is reflected in lower costs. However, some "frills" are unavoidable - and should be reflected in the advertised fare.

    I object strongly to misleading advertising of absurdly low fares, which are only available, after you have paid an arm and a leg for so-called "optional" extras. One Irish airline charges:

    5 per person each way for on-line check-in. There is no way of avoiding this charge, because you cannot board the aircraft without checking in - and you cannot check in at the airport.

    5 per person each way to pay by credit or debit card (except for Visa Electron). Passengers who do not have a Visa Electron card (the majority) must pay by credit or debit card. The processing cost to the airline for debit card transactions is "pence" and would be unlikely to exceed 2% of the total cost for payment by credit card.

    40 per person each way, if you fail to print your boarding cards before leaving home. For the airline, the cost of printing boarding cards is negligible.

    15 each way, for one bag weighing no more than 15kg. Other airlines allow 20kg or 23kg. 15kg is barely sufficient, if you are going on a cruise.

    20 per kilo each way for baggage in excess of the first 15kg.

    35, if a passenger needs to take an additional bag (but only within the total 15kg allowance).

    Airport taxes - which are calculated at higher rates than other airlines' charges for the same airports.

    A supplementary charge, to cover insurance of the aircraft and wheelchair use. I certainly do not expect to pay extra to insure the aircraft! The airline also charges a wheelchair supplement to all passengers, because EC laws do not allow them to charge disabled passengers only. Most other airlines absorb the cost of any wheelchair assistance that might be required by disabled passengers.

    EC law states that advertised fares must include all non-optional taxes and charges (such as airport charges, government taxes, check-in fees, etc.) Unlike its competitors, the Irish airline has never complied with this particular regulation. I simply do not understand why the UK government and/or the EC have not commenced proceedings for this blatant breach of the rules.

    We have already decided never to fly again with that airline, because we object to such shoddy trading practices. I wish other passengers would do likewise, and vote with their feet.

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    I flew to Dublin recently for 1p each way-just for a day out. You can avoid all the charges if you are careful.Also did Montpellier for four people for 8 return. Just take hand luggage, check in on line and get a VISA Electron card( I opened account at Halifax specially).



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