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    Cruising the Spirit of Adventure-Thurs 5th

    We've been watching this programme, and see that the next showing is this Thursday, August 5th.
    It's on Travel Channel, Sky 251, at 9pm... or 10pm on Travel +.
    They go from the Pacific, through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean. Haven't seen it all, but the bits we glimpsed seemed very good.
    I believe Spirit of Adventure is the Saga ship for over I right?

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    yes Jo it is owned by Saga the cruise line for young people over 21 :D unlike the other Saga ships who are for over 50. the ship was owned by Transocean till 2009 and named Astoria. 18591 tonnes, 164.5 meters in length with 500 pax.

    don't want to work, just want to cruise.

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    We've only watched the 1st half, so far, but the passengers certainly looked WELL over 21!
    Again...isn't this the line where everything, even trips, is included- except alcohol? I think we've had a brochure.

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    Yes - everything is included and that also means wine with your lunch and dinner. Why pay over inflated prices and sail on something that is so big it has to berth in a container dock. Not our idea of fun. We had the best cruise ever and enjoyed it so much we booked again and again and again! Oh, and there were a few thirty years olds but mainly people in their fifties who were returning SofA enthusiasts and a hefty number of professionals at that.

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    This programme is to be repeated on SKY 251 Travel Channel but I suspect it is a one off although it is listed as "Part 1" - next showings :-
    29/08 at 20:00
    30/08 at 00:00 and at 14:00
    31/08 at 07:30
    03/09 at 10:00
    The Programme blurb says:-
    Cruising the Spirit of Adventure

    To most, cruising immediately brings to mind huge ships touring the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. However, there are numerous other, smaller cruise ships whose size allows them to venture into smaller ports and waterways. The Spirit of Adventure is one such ship and Chris Serle jumps aboard and takes the opportunity to explore the delights of Costa Rica, Panama and the San Blas islands in the Caribbean. Alongside sampling life onboard, Chris fits in a visit to the Panamanian rain forest, passes through the historic Panama Canal and takes a train trip to the wildlife reserve of the Tortuguero Canals. It sounds like The Spirit of Adventure is aptly named.
    Duration: 60'


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