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    Zeebrugge to Bruges

    Does anyone know if Princess ships supply shuttle buses to Blankenberg? We are on the Grand Princess on the 22nd May and want to do our own thing rather than pay for a tour?

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    I was also on this cruise and was disgusted to find that I had to pay to get off the Grand at Zeebrugge. So for any future Princess Cruisers whose itinerary includes Zeebrugge this is the situation. The Port Authorities would not let anyone walk through the docks, despite the fact that the dock gates were 300 yds away, there was a charge of 12 Euros pp return for the shuttle bus to Blankenberg, this I think was being run by an independent company or the tourist authority. Your only options were to pay for the shuttle bus or a taxi or go on a ships tour, there was no way off without paying. All I wanted was to go for a walk and buy some chocolates. Fortunately the weather was nice so I stayed on board and sunbathed, (so Belgium lost out on my custom). This experience has made my wary of booking again on the large Princess ships because they often have to dock in the commercial docks and I don't see why I should have to pay to literally get off the ship. Last year I went to Zeebrugge on P & O and the shuttle bus was free.


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