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    ports of call 17th June 10

    This will be our 3rd time on OV 1 really looking foreward to the 17th June 10 Any tips on the ports of call especially Istanbul and Kusadasi

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    Hi ,

    Heraklion ~ When you dock in Heraklion ignore the cabs and the ships tours. As you exit the ship and the port buildings walk forwards to the road and folow it right past the harbour buildings, you'll come to a bus station where you can get a bus to the Palace of Knossos.

    Your ticket to the palace also covers you for the museum in the town.

    Ephesus / Kusadasi ~ Ephesus is well worth a visit. I did a ships tour as I went on my own and left Hubby & children on the ship. Kusadasi is nice for a walk round, the beach is good as well if memory serves me correctly.

    Santorini ~ I've walked and caught the cable car up to the top. Nice places to eat but can be quite dear. Oia is nice for a visit, buses go from the back of the town.

    Happy travelling

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    Thanks for the info

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    This will be our 3rd time on OV 1 really looking foreward to the 17th June 10 Any tips on the ports of call especially Istanbul and Kusadasi
    hi cagsy6,
    kusadasi is a very nice place to wander the ancient and holy sacred places as ephesus st jean st mary's house in a very high fantastic view forest located with birds singing .. if you need any local help you may contact with my friend over there Mehmet a very nice guy can asisst you anyway especcialy for your daily trips.. ? note his mail address
    my best wishes from barca/ spain ( at the moment )

    dp alvares

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    Istanbul is an amazing port, as is the approach to it alongside the Galipoli peninsula and through the Dardanelles strait (check it out on google maps!)

    The ship will berth on the opposite side of the bridge to the main town centre. I believe you can pick up a tram from just outside the port that takes you right into the heart of the centre but you will need local currency. The tourist shops will usually take euros and other currencies but the tram and the Topkapi Palace only take local currency.

    Once you are in the centre of town everything is within easy walking distance.

    The Blue Mosque is still used as a mosque and therefore men and women will need to ensure their shoulders and knees are covered and need to remove their shoes whilst inside. If you don't have a wrap with you they will provide you with one - I've never seen my OH in a sarong before (or since for that matter)!

    There is absolutely loads to see in Istanbul with the mosques, the palace and the bazaar. Don't be tempted to give the water cistern a miss as it is an amazing place and far more interesting than it may sound.

    Finally look out for dolphins as you leave the port - we saw loads in the estuary:D

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