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    ov1 drink prices

    can anyone tell me the current drink prices on ov1?? are there any drinks packages available to purchase when onboard?


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    Drink prices are roughly the same as what you would pay for in a UK pub.

    Bottled beer 2.65
    Coctails 3.60 (some do cost a little more)
    soft drinks 1.25
    1.5l bottle of water 1.65

    little tip tea and coffe is free so make use of whats left in your cabin and the dispensers at dinner.

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    The only ones I can remember are
    15 for 20 x 500ml post mix soda and a free sports bottle
    5 for the price of 4 bottles (beer not cider) in all the bars

    And whilst we were last on in the casino of an evening they had Bacardi Breezer on BOGOF

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