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    Norovirus is not a FO is a problem caused by, and made worse by some of Fred's passengers! I cannot believe the number of passengers who try to avoid using the anti bacterial hand gel. Also the numbers of people who 'handle' items of food at the beggars belief.

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    Yep definitely clunker material, I've not sailed on her, nor any of the Thomson fleet, but I have sailed on plenty of vintage stuff and know from experience and the reviews the importance of careful cabin selection. Those near the stern get more vibration than an Ann Summers store on Valentines Day...................Hey!!!! I'm winding you up again

    Not that much of a wind up. I've been on Black Watch twice in the last year with last minute cabins allocated at the rear and the vibration is severe and accompanied by a loud rattle. We had to take out our drawers to sleep at night!

    All the old ships I've been on have vibrations and rattles, but they also have bags of character. Thomsons Spirit and Celebration have a vibration 24 hours a day, even when in port, so much so that you imagine it's still there even when you are ashore. Fred's Black Watch and Boudicca both have vibration when the ship is sailing - I can't work out whether it is something to do with stabilisers, changing direction or slowing down but it comes and goes.

    I love the intimacy and character of older, smaller ships but keep getting drawn to the larger modern ones too. They all have their particular charms.

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