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    Fred Olsen's Fuel Surcharge Implementation

    We received our amended invoice from Fred today, which shows an additional charge of 33.87 as a fuel surcharge. We are in a superior outside cabin on Braemar. I must say that we were relieved that it wasn't more. It works out at just over 1 per day for our 16 day cruise in April. To put things in perspective I caught the train to Glasgow last week and the ticket price had jumped from 13.60 to 17.00 in less than two months, and when I filled the car with diesel the other day I noticed that a mortgage broker had set up a stall in the filling station.:D. Just joking but you know what I mean, everything is going up and there will never be a fair way to spread the cost.

    shaken, not purred

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    i have yet to pay the balance for our cruise.
    does that mean i may get another bill for the surcharge.


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