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    so what would be best,
    the early sitting or the late sitting.
    or would it be best to eat somewhere else

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    No need to worry about letting other people on your table down, it's your holiday for you to choose how you spend it.
    Interesting that there's no 'extra' charge for this service, all the mainstream companies will be shaking their heads!
    No but its just good manners to let your fellow guests know at your table (fixed dining) if you will not be turning up, so they are not kept waiting for you to arrive.
    From what I have heard re room service most of the food is lukewarm when it arrives. Other than illness, or if you have a suite etc, I would not want to eat my main meal in my cabin at night.
    I think most cruise lines do not charge for room service if before midnight.

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    If you put a strap around your back, and tie your elbows tightly together, you can practice eating for the airoplane, once adept at that, a standard cabin should be no problem

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