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    I'm lucky enough to cruise on both ships. Which do I like best?

    I like them both. Chalk and cheese!
    Been on Black Watch. Will take your word about Epic

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    I have ony done 6 cruises but I have never had a bad one. All six were excellent some better than others in some aspects and not in other aspects - as far as I am concernec they all provide a very enjoyable experience. My question is unless you are just impossible to please 'Is there really a bad ship or a bad cruise for that matter?''?

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    no way

    Ever since I saw pictures of Epic I have thought she is the most ugly "ship" I have ever seen in my life. I once had a discussion with someone who said I should not base my judgement on what a "ship" looks like outside. So i looked at the cabins--and they are awful as well-some of them. you have the cabin, with the bed in it, you have 2 glass doors off of it, one has a toilet in it, the other has the shower. so you step out of the shower into the bedroom.
    We are on Black Watch in 25 days-not that I am counting I guess that tell you which way I would jump.

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