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    Boarding at Malaga.

    We are joining NCL Jade in Malaga in March. We have a mini suite and are latitudes members, does anyone know if will we get a dedicated check in, or will we be with the masses. Have boarded at Barcelona before and I know there were dedicated desks for latitudes members, but not sure about Malaga.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I have not cruises with NCL before but with the cruiselines that I've cruised with there are dedicated desks/lines for both suite and club members. why don't you check the small print in NCL's brochure or email NCL.

    don't want to work, just want to cruise.

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    We boarded the Jade in BCN. There were dedicated lanes for Lattitude Gold, Silver and Bronze pax! Oh dear I see that you already know this!

    This is only my thoughts! Most of the pax will be embarking in BCN so getting on in AGP will not be such a hassle - when you are boarding the vast majrity of pax will be on excursions.

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    my friend has done both malaga and barcelona, she said mostly Spanish get on at Malaga but wasnt sure re dedicated desk-i would imagine there would be

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    We're boarding Malaga 23rd March. Reckon it will be mainly ex-pats and Spanish but there's no public holidays during our dates, so could be less Spanish. First NCL cruise for us :-)n


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