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    Venice with a Wheelchair

    Can anybody help us enjoy Venice on our own, my wife needs to use a wheelchair and Venice is not noted for being wheelchair friendly. We would like to take a vaporetti to Murano, how can we do this? any help & how do we get to St Marks Square? can we wheel the wheelchair there in short just where can we go easily with the wheelchair?
    Your help would be very much appreciated as P&O would generally prefer that we used one opf their tours!

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    Venice is not renowned for being wheelchair-friendly. Try this link for starters:
    Accessible Venice - Disabled Travel - Venice for Visitors

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    this is a bit late. perhaps you no longer look here. however, my wife uses a wheelchair, and we went to venice on arcadia 2007. there is a wheelchair friendly shuttle bus, to the nearest vaparetto station. the crew will lift the person and chair down into the boat, these move very quickly! a short ride to st marks. from here you can get one to murano, and other places. because of bridges, with a wheelchair is a challenge, but its doable. going back there next year on aurora.


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