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    R.C Venice cruise ...i have a question.. and good tip.....

    Hi Fellow cruisers....
    My question is, at the port in Venice where you sail from is there a train station near by so that you can conect to another train station as we have to go to Verona when we depart the R C ship on the 15th of July....

    The reason is we have a cruise only and the costs to fly to Venice from London airports and back is working out very expensive....320 per person for Easy jet or B.A ( as we are a late booking )......but here is my tip what I have found is that you can fly to Verona... return... for 70 per person (includes luggage) and the train takes only 55mins to Venice station) that is just on the canal.....but iam sure there is a staion nearer the port?

    So when we depart on our last morning from the ship in Venice we will go by train to Verona, leave our cases in left luggage and see the town(Verona) for the day and then fly back later.....the cost of the train is so cheap and the train schedule shows loads of trains...
    Plus we have two days in Venice before the ship sails......

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    The main (only one) train station in Venice is just across the canal from Piazzale Roma, maybe about 1/2 mile as the crow flies from the cruise dock. Have a look on Google maps...Brian

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    You can also take the new people mover fom the cruise port to Piazza Roma, cost 1


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