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    Post Venice residents claim victory - Cruise terminal expansion cancelled

    After a big campaign, the residents of Venice have claimed victory -- the proposed cruiseship terminal expansion will not go ahead.

    The battle began when locals realised expansion plans would result in the erradication of one of the city's best loved institutions -- the fish market at the foot of the Rialto bridge, where locals have shopped for their food for 1,000 years.

    "If the people who still live here are going to protect this city, we have to pull together, and I think that's finally happening," said Michela Scibilia, the head of a growing residents' activist group.

    The demise of the fish market would have forced the Rialto market's main suppliers to leave Venice for the mainland. The furious response from residents saw a dramatic U-turn by the mayor, Giorgio Orsoni. At a press conference last week he conceded: "The fish market at Tronchetto will not be moved."

    For the Venice-born campaigner, the idea of the Rialto trying to sell frozen fish sticks to discerning locals would amount to a death sentence for the market painted by Bellini and would mark a loss to Italy's heritage on a par with the recent collapse of buildings at Pompeii. "And for what? We would have got more 300-metre long cruise ships causing havoc in the Giudecca canal," he said.

    Scibilia's group is just one of a number of local online organisations bringing together locals to issue demands to the city's rulers that they hope will ward off the effects of rampant tourism and halt a slide in the city's population. are known locally to create quite a stir - in a noisy, but comical way. In 2009 they rowed a coffin down the Grand Canal when Venice's population sank below 60,000 from over 150,000 in the last century.

    In November, they dressed up as cartoon characters and set up a joke "Veniceland" near the station to make the point to tourists how the growth of hotels and the disappearance of small shops and affordable housing is pushing local residents out and turning Venice into a theme park.

    "Unfortunately a lot of tourists thought we really had opened a theme park," admitted Secchi.

    Following their victory, Venice's activists have taken heart and have moved their attentions towards other issues - the latest being a demand to turn the city's former naval yards the Arsenale over to residents.

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    Well i think that is a result for common sense !! I like to see placers for what they are not as something that is just there for the Tourist trade.

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    As tuggy said, you go for the experience of a place as it is and not what the big boys decide what it should be. Congratulations to the people of Venice for their well won victory.

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    Venice Residents Victory

    Delighted that commerce has not overtaken tradition.

    Have twice cruised in and out of Venice. The facilities are fine as they are and expansion could ruin the experience for cruisers and locals alike.

    Good decision to stick with the status quo.

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    There are already far too many cruise ships there (although I am one of the people that loves the sailaway from there... oops!). It would be a disaster if it ended up like St Thomas. I am really pleased that they have managed to stop the expansion... They can already fit 9 big ships in there, that's quite enough (well a lot more than enough)

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    I agree. Why don't they build a big big cruise terminal outside the floodgates of Venice and then just ship people in like in other destinations.
    It must be so tragic to live there and see the city constantly eroded by the waters. The cruise ships make it worse there must be something they can think of. I have cruised up the Giudecca and yes it is breathtaking but I could live without it for the sake of the city. I live in a tourism city Malaga and more and more cruise ships are docking here and it will get over crowded some day but that's how we make our living down here. I think Venice needs the tourism but maybe they could come up with a solution for the ships at the entrance to the canal.

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    Places like Venice must be protected, it's great to see that the Venetians are making their voice heard.......sounds to me that the port is quite big enough.

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    Whilst I'm totally in agreement with the views expressed above, I must admit that I can't see what the proposed expansion of the cruiseship facilities has to do with the Rialto area.

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    venice cruise expansion

    I also am ashamed to say I love the departure from Venice! But I wouldn't like to see any further expansion. Venice needs protection not further exploitation.


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