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    Brits name Venice their favourite cruise port again

    Venice has emerged as Britons' favourite cruise port for the second consecutive year in a survey carried out by YouGov for the Passenger Shipping Association.

    The poll was launched to mark National Cruise Week, which will run from September 19th to 26th.

    Venice emerged as the most popular port for 12 per cent of the 2,100 people who voted, followed by New York (nine per cent) and Barcelona (seven per cent).

    More than half (57 per cent) of respondents said the Northern Lights is the natural phenomenon they would most like to see from the deck of a cruise ship, while a third (33 per cent) cited whales as the animal they would be most eager to spot, Travel Weekly reports.

    Other natural spectacles that would be of interest to cruise passengers include icebergs, fjords, dolphins and polar bears.

    Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp topped the list of the ideal companions for a holiday at sea, followed by Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.

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    Ah- Hurtigruten must have got hold of these stats, because they're busy putting adverts on TV about seeing the Northern Lights. My neighbour went last Dec, with them. and saw the lights- and had a fabulous time in an almost empty ship. The crew joined them in the lounge on an evening.

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    Venice favourite port?

    It may be cruisers favourite port but it's hell if you happen to be staying in a hotel overlooking the lagoon, paying large sums to be able to look out over to St Giorgio! On more than one occasion we found St Girogio totally obliterated by a huge cruise ship. And what about Venice in peril? You cant tell me the presence of a ship that size can do Venice any good. A large sum if money must change hands in order to let ships that size into the lagoon. We were on a Cunard trip and visited Venice but thought the ship would berth a way away but to our chagrin it didnt so we were just as guilty. I'd like to think that peole who do visit Venice for just one day will want to go back to stay for a week or more as its the only way to get to know the place.
    My favourite port? Either St Petersburg or Dubrovnik.


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