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    Cruise waiter caught stealing commits suicide

    A junior cruise ship waiter who was caught stealing, hanged himself, an inquest has heard.

    22-year-old, Sumith Gawas, killed himself aboard the P&O's Arcadia whilst docked in Southampton, after he was caught emptying the tips box in the self-serve restaurant, early in the morning on July 16th.

    When confronted by his supervisor, he tried to hide the money, but it was found nearby.

    Gawas, described as a 'popular' worker, had been a key-holder for the box, which was in place for passengers to leave tips for crew at the end of each sailing.

    After being caught, he had been told to go to his cabin.

    Sadly, his body was discovered the next morning by his cabin mate, Joel Fernandes.

    A security officer for the cruiseline, told the hearing that he had also been found with 800 cash - much more than he would have earned, which led them to believe that he had stolen from the box before.

    The Southampton coroner recorded a verdict of suicide, and added that the shame of the theft had clearly led Mr Gawas to take his own life.

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    That's a very sad story indeed.


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    A few of us have been discussing it here -->

    It is very sad though, Hope his family can forgive him...


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