Luxury holiday provider Paul Gauguin Cruises has become the first travel company to earn the "e-Stewards Enterprise" designation, for its responsible recycling practices.

The award is given to those firms who have made a concerted effort to adhere to the rigorous standards for recycling electronics systems.

Paul Gauguin Cruises was praised for its "committed" approach to what is a little known but still important area of focus for recycling.

The designations were created by environmental group the Basel Action Network, with the body's executive director heaping further encouragement on the cruise firm for "taking action for responsible recycling".

The cruise provider's dedication to eco-friendly practices that are sustainable both economically and environmentally is the latest story to highlight the renewed focus on eco-issues within the industry.

Earlier this week, the Cruise Lines International Association heaped praise on the ongoing efforts cruise lines were making to protect and preserve the ocean environment they operate in.

What eco efforts would you like to see on cruise ships?