Like many on this forum we have been cruising for many years, and yes since the mid 80's I do think in real terms prices have come down, and to compensate cruise companies have economised in certain areas which can be noticeable, but I for one can put up with a cheaper shampoo than is Moulton Brown, as lower prices mean that we can get onto the water three times a year, and that's important to us.

Having done many cruises and like most others more since retirement I can truly say that I have never had a bad cruise, or even a poor one, while all have been most enjoyable on reflection some do stand out as having been more enjoyable than others.

Value for money. Great idea but how does one rate value for money without the
experience on a few levels of cruising! Minefield.
I am constantly astounded at what value the cruiselines are able to turn out, and I think your heart tells you if you have had VFM, and so if you had a good time and enjoyed your last cruise, and would do it again, you have probably had value for money