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    My father in law is 79 and has just been diagnosed with Cancer. Does he stand an earthly chance of getting cruise insurance at a reasonable price?
    It will depend on whether or not your father in law is having any treatment. You cannot get insurance during chemo or radiotherapy and for a certain period after the treatment has finished. If your father in law needs surgery, there is a period following when you cannot get insurance. Once treatment has finished, then it should be possible to get insurance but it may be very expensive. A lot depends on the prescribed treatment and whether or not the cancer has spread.

    When my husband was diagnosed, we were unable to get insurance for about 2 years, because he had a major op followed by 6 months chemo, followed by another even more major op. We had to cancel a trip when he was first diagnosed, for which we were insured. We then booked a further two trips during the next two years, both of which we had to cancel due to treatment. We lost the deposit for both of these trips because we gambled at the time of booking, knowing that we may or may not be able to get insurance before paying the final balance.

    We can now get insurance, but only with All Clear as my husband has secondaries. We book late following clear scans and can then get full insurance cover. It is very expensive.


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    Thanks Val, bad news, but very useful!

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    Hi Malcolm,

    It really is worth shopping around, some Insurers hear the 'C' word and that is it, some will not insure at all! It really does depend on the diagnosis, severity, prognosis and proposed treatment. Age is also a factor of course.

    I spent the day on the phone, a demoralising experience, even though I have been clear for three years. It was not helped by having Pneumonia last November and a Virus this May, both landed me in Hospital!

    I finally insured with Flexicover Travel Insurance — Cheap Travel & Holiday Insurance for a very reasonable annual premium covering all pre-existing. A very empathetic phone call and professional service.


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