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    Hi going on this cruise week friday 6th April was the sea rough or not a lot of people have said it was . This is our first cruise and i am a little apprehensive . was the weather hot all week, what was the lido buffet like?Look forward to hearing from you.

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    We did a similar cruise at the end of March 2 years ago, and the weather was fine. Not too hot, low to mid 20s, a bit like Britain in a nice summer. We never had any rain. I don't recall any rough seas, although there is never any guarantee. You will enjoy it, there's not a lot not to enjoy. Morocco was very hot, it is the only mainland stop. All the others are islands, so may be cooled slightly by breezes. I would go again tomorrow!

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    Yes it was quite hot-26 or 27 and very hot in Morocco about 28 I think-but didnt go ashore there as had been to Morocco twice before so stayed and had a nice lazy day on board. We only used the Lido buffet for breakfast and lunch-very good. We used the Seven Seas Restaurant for our evening meal and couldnt fault that-the food was good and the waiters were excellant-even entertaining us to some nice music and songs we could all join in. Sea was quite calm all week-woke up in the night one night and it was a bit choppy,but not enough to cause problems.I always travel with Stugeron and travel bands,but didnt need them. Is it still the Destiny you're going on-not sure when the Majesty takes over from the Destiny? Anyway I'm sure you'll have a lovely time so enjoy.

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