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    Norwegian Jade October 2012 excursions

    We prefer to "do our own thing" as excursions can be very expensive. Our first port of call after Venice is Koper, Slovenia. Is it possible to travel to Ljubliana independently for the day from here?
    We think we can see Split and Dubrovnik on foot on our own. Not too sure about Messina in Sicily. Naples - I believe we can visit Pompeii and/or Herculaneum via Alibus and train from Central Station. Any advice, tips, prices etc would be much appreciated. TIA

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    Can only help you with Naples and Pompeii.
    You can walk to the Central Station (Garibaldi - I think) in about 25 mins.
    Take the Circumvesuviana line for Scavi Misteri station. YOu are now 5 mins walk to Pompeii - train costs €3.00 approx. Journey - 30 -40 mins
    Its €12 to enter the site and it is HUGE!
    You could spend days here not just hours!
    You can hire an audioguide for €10.

    You could continue onto Sorrento for lunch on the same train - €2.50 more. Journey - 25 mins aprox

    The retrace you steps back to Naples and walk back to ship! Takes about 60 mins!

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    Wow !!! Pompeii and Sorrento. Many thanks for this information.


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