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    Fred - excellent customer service once again

    We've just had a great example of customer service which I wanted to share. In April we went on a wonderful little mini cruise on Boudicca. We lost a charger cable during the trip and were convinced we had left it on the train. We rang the railway lost property but didn't ring the cruise Line as we were sure it wasn't there.

    We've just had a phone call from Fred Olsen totally about the blue not only telling us they found our cable and had identified us as the owners but also offering to post it back to us free of charge.

    Well done Fred - customer service at it's best.

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    That's far better than the usual disclaimers from cruiselines which basically state if you leave something then tough luck! I like things like this it gives the world a more positive slant. Sony are another company with great customer service who have gone further than they had to when I've had a problem

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    I had a similar thing with RCI IOS, on our cruise earlier in the year, left one of my camera's, in a bar I think on the last night. Did not realise it was missing until I got home and unpacked. Rang RCI, had to wait 5 days until they got the list of lost property, my camera had been handed in, and RCI returned to me also free of charge.

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    I think FO is great too... a few years ago my wife (ok ok I) left a few clothes in the cabin, FO posted them back to us without any fuss


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