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    No more flycruises

    We have not long been back off a cruise on Fred Olsons Braemar, Very sorry to say it was a bit of a let down. We have done this cruise befor and it was fantastic but this time it was not the same ie we had more time at sea due to to many half days in port and some ports we never even stopped at even though it was part of the cruise. The last time we done it we had full days in a lot of the ports of call, and now Fred Olson is only doing one more flycruise, as from 2012 they will be sailing out of southamton. A lot of people on the ship who have done that cruise befor said it was a let down JUST TO MUCH TIME AT SEA, sorry we will not be sailing with Fred Olson again if he is just sailing out of southamton.

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    Some people actually book cruises with the maximum number of sea days possible! They feel the ports of call can be a distraction from the ship 'experience'.

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    some people actually book cruises with the maximum number of sea days possible! They feel the ports of call can be a distraction from the ship 'experience'.
    yes i agree with you ,on our last about 15% of passengers never left ship at all.

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    I love my sea days, I really find it relaxing. I do agree though at this moment in time I prefer the fly cruises to sailings from UK and I too hate 1/2 days in port.

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    I love port days and hate sea days - just shows you how diverse cruising folk can be!

    1/2 days are a waste of time, though, as you are unable to get far afield without worrying about getting back in time. The cynic in me would say it is a way of advertising a port of call knowing that you will sell more seats on excursions as it is the only way you can get anywhere at a distance and know you won't miss the ship. Too cynical?

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    I'm sat in the middle. I like port visits very much but also have a great time on sea days.

    What I really think the issue is here is that Fred Olsen ships are not cut out for lengthy sea passages. They are too old, they do not have the spaces for the variety of entertainment required on longer sea passages and, being just above budget level, I would guess they would not want to spend the money on entertainment.

    Having just returned from the Caribbean on Azura I was most pleasantly surprised at both the quality of entertainment and the quality of the facilities.

    The OP may wish to consider 'crossing' to P&O, not necessarily Azura. Arcadia has plenty to offer.


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