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Destinations - Indian Ocean

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Indian Ocean
The Maldives is an archipelago of 1190 beautifully exotic islands in the Indian Ocean. They are the definition of the word ‘romantic’, with their inviting white-sand beaches and the underwater world at your fingertips, it really will be the holiday of your lifetime. The capital Malé, offers the experience of the Maldives, away from the resorts and is the hub of the country’s energy. There are markets to visit, and generally it has a laid-back atmosphere. Madagascar is crawling with wildlife, it’s one of a kind. 5% of all plant and animal species can be found there, it’s that condensed, and this epic country is the ultimate example of diversity, as the land can change from rainforest to desert in a matter of a few hundred metres. Madagascar is the essence of adventure and you will enjoy ever varying moment. It has a coastline of over 5000km, ensuring that you experience its beauty. The Seychelles are an affordable option of holiday, while the views still look as magnificent as a HD picture. There is a National Park to appreciate the natural beauty of the Seychelles, and also the Botanical Gardens. One of the most developed of the islands is Mahé, home to the capital – Victoria, and approximately 90% of the population, offering opportunities for adventure in the mountainous jungle, swimming with the sharks, or just total relaxation on the cloud-like beaches. Each island has a distinct and unique character of its own. Not forgetting of course the cultural richness and diversity of mainland destinations such as India and Sri Lanka.