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Here come the girls..

By Haydn Jones

Jan 23 2018 10:40:27:000PM

Haydn Jones's blog

So my blog this week is a bit of a hot topic and been written along with the help of my wife. There’s been press galore on the controversial topic of how women are being treated and portrayed in every sector. This year’s women’s march took place just a couple of days ago. It took place on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, and showed that marchers aren’t slowing down. Organised by Womens March London, in honour of the campaign launched in Ja...

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Princess stars on board

By Neil Holmes

Jan 23 2018 04:08:31:000PM

Neil Holmes's blog

When you are on a cruise, it is not all about the bars, pools gyms deckchairs and entertainment. Princess cruises also offer guest speakers on some of their sailings. This enrichment allows guests to learn about the life and times of these speakers. There is a vast array of speakers but on different sailings so if any of these guests speakers ‘float your boat’ (pardon the pun) then take a look at the Itinerary on our website.Sapphire Princess. Based out of SouthamptonDo you lik...

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Not much of a Christmas on Columbus

By Holly Crabtree

Jan 23 2018 03:55:22:000PM

Holly Crabtree's blog

I guess we all have an image and expectation of sailing away into the sunset over Christmas. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but the thoughts of wonderful decorations, Christmas carols and sumptuous Christmas Fayre tempts us to part with a little more money than normal.Apparently though for many guests this was far from the case when sailing on Cruise and Maritime’s Columbus this Christmas. It wasn’t just the lack of Christmas festivities that disappointed the guests t...

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