Royal Caribbean ban selected National Passport Holders!!

the cover of the passport of the Syrian Arab Republic closeup

Has the #Trumpeffect hit cruising now? And if so how far will this go?

Royal Caribbean have banned passport holders of North Korea, Sudan, Iran and Syria from boarding their ships.

Where have we heard this from before?

Politics and National safety is not something I follow avidly, I am happy to leave it to those that know best (Allegedly).

I am however aware that there is a serious threat to the West regards terrorism but is this a step too far? At this moment in time I do not know the ins and outs of this decision but I am sure it will cause outrage but also have a ripple effect in the cruise industry, especially with the American cruise lines.

And will it spread, will Airlines (American) ban these nationals from flying with them, even on flights without a US stop involved?

It does make me wonder where this ban came from, has the White House had a quiet word in someones ear? After all The President needs support on his own current travel ban. Knowing the successful businessman Donald Trump is and the success of Royal Caribbean i would not be surprised if Donald Trump has a financial interest in Royal Caribbean.

Just for the record Azamara and Celebrity are part of the RCI group that Royal Caribbean belong to, watch this space, surely they will follow suit, surely they will have to.

Are you a national of any of these countries? if so have you experienced these kind of problems before? Have you been denied boarding or even booking a holiday? let me know..

At booking stage Royal caribbean d ask for nationality, this could be why.


Out of interest are Klu Klux Klan members banned? What about convicted sex offenders or convicted murderers? Just asking?

What kind of World are we living in at the moment?