New ships, cruise and stays, local airports, it has to be Thomson

In my time at Thomson I saw the company change for the better over the years. From the airline purchasing brand new Dreamliner planes from Boeing, to the introduction of exclusive properties to cater for every type of holiday maker.

Thomson cruise never seemed to change much but in the shops there was always a big focus on Thomson cruises. The ships were always old and small, but being very british the customers loved them none the less. Well things have now changed considerably. The acquisition of 2 of Royal Caribbean’s fleet in the  Splendour of the Seas and the Legend of the Seas, Thomson now boast 2 much newer and larger ships than before.

Both carry 1830 passengers and are 70.000 gross tonnes and both went under full extensive refurbishment before TUI took the keys. So, what is on offer that may make you think about giving Thomson a go for the first time?

Boasting 915 cabins – 356 come with balconies – all fares are all-inclusive including gratuities, and will also offer a wide range of restaurants and bars as well as activities and entertainment including an outdoor poolside movie screen, a rock-climbing wall, a mini-golf course and an indoor swimming pool and spa.

Now whilst none of those features are particularly ground breaking, when added to the fact you can fly directly for 22 different airports, add a 3, 4 or 7 night stay to you cruise and you have a bit of a winning formula on you hands.

With the 2 new additions being all inclusive, with no gratuities to pay that is always going to be attractive. If you do need to spend any money on board, then it is in Pound Sterling, meaning it does not matter how weak the Pound is vs the Euro!

I have certainly noticed a big surge in the amount of customers looking at TUI Cruises for their next holiday, is it time you gave them a try too?