Leggings! You can’t board our flight then.

A story you may have seen floating around social media, I have but there is a little more to it than what people like to share.


Fashion and people concept. Woman legs in denim trousers platform high heels shoes casual style isolated on white background

United Airlines banned two ladies from flying as they were wearing leggings. The alleged incident happened on last Sunday on a flight  to Minneapolis. from Denver.

The incident/ debate/ issue took place when the airline said that the two ladies were travelling on a “Special Pass” which is a scheme for employees and their friends and families, but this does come with a dress code.

Leggings is not so much the issue with this dress code, it is how much of the leggings is showing.

Gate agents at the airport had to ask them to put a dress over their leggings, there were five passengers within this party of which three of them did agree to put a suitable (for the airline) top on with the leggings, but two girls were refused boarding, cue mass social media outrage.

When working for a company such as United Airlines and you are allowed to take advantage of free flights or significantly reduced airfares, terms and conditions state you have to dress accordingly as you are representing the company that you work for or have an association with.

United Airlines have confirmed that regular passengers are welcome to  wear leggings when travelling.

Over the last 16 years in my time at Thomas Cook, First Choice and now Cruise.co.uk, whenever I have gone on a work trip in the companies name or on a holiday with a staff concession applied there has always been a dress code and also rules other conditions such as not asking for free upgrades on flights, hotels etc, it goes without saying that you are representing the company that you work for,  so more often then not, the company stipulate’s a “Smart Casual Look”. Let’s face it if you have been lucky enough to be given an opportunity to travel for free or with a reduced cost, then you should dress accordingly.

Without knowing or understanding United Airlines issue with leggings it is hard to comment but personally I can not see what is wrong with them. What are your thoughts to it?