Hurricane Irma- What to do next?

“Dreams come true”, “holiday of a lifetime”, “Bucketlist trip”, just a few statements to describe a cruise holiday to the Caribbean.

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Royal Caribbean to replace Big Ben

So Big Ben has been silenced for much needed renovation work to Elizabeth Tower, the UK has gone mad about it and even the MPs are crying over it, if only they were so much more passionate about real issues in ours and our neighbouring countries.

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World cruise under threat from Pirate Attack

It’s a sad world we live in at the moment, even if it is easier and quicker to get to far away beautiful Bucket List destinations.

Airport security checks are getting tighter and longer, police with machine guns are part of the furniture and the Foreign Office are sending out action plans for terror attacks whilst in resort 🙁

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A guide to Bruges- If you’ve not been you will do soon.

If you’ve cruised the likelihood is you have been to Bruges, the likelihood is that you will go to Bruges again.

Are you like me, just get off the ship and go explore? Well below is a detailed description of what Bruges has to offer, please read and don’t miss out on some hidden gems.

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New ships, cruise and stays, local airports, it has to be Thomson

In my time at Thomson I saw the company change for the better over the years. From the airline purchasing brand new Dreamliner planes from Boeing, to the introduction of exclusive properties to cater for every type of holiday maker.

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Who’s next for a re-fit?

Every few years cruise ships go in for a re-fit, it amazes me how much is spent on these re-fits, it seems mind boggling that that one particular cruise has made so much money since the last re-fit.

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A Port guide to Le Havre

I’ve done a couple of cruises now that visit Le Havre but on both occasions, I chose to stay on the ship and enjoy the facilities there. Next time I think I will get off and explore, weather permitting. Here is what I missed and what you could do when visiting this lovely French Town.

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Azamara cruises

Recently I did a 3 night mini cruise on board Azamara’s Quest ship and what a great experience it was.

Azamara have 2 ships, the Quest and the Journey, both are identical to each, shame as I won’t be able to blag a trip on the Journey to experience her.

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My Azamara Quest

A few weeks ago I was asked if I could attend a trip to view, experience and learn some more about Azamara and it’s ship, The Quest.


Naturally I was very excited, as much as what I know about Azamara from brochures, customer feedback and learning programmes there is never a substitute for experiencing a ship first hand. She met all my expectations and then went on to exceed them.

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NCL go All Inclusive, literally ‘All’.

Norwegian Cruise Line for quite a few months have been doing free drinks packages with almost all their sailings recently, it looks like that may have been a trial to see how customers reacted to it, and if it was a trial then what a brave move.

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