Don’t miss the Great January cruise sales

So here we go again, The most wonderful time of the year is behind us, we are all shattered, maybe still a little hung over, over weight and back at work, so what is there to look forward to?

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Has MSC turned a corner? The reviews.

Being in the cruise industry allows me to see and hear first what plans different cruise lines have for the future, normally it’s just your run of the mill announcement but over the last 18 months or so one cruise line has been getting me excited, MSC. The design of the ship, the new technology, their ideas, dining options (important) and of course their itineraries.

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Are you too late for a Black Friday deal?

So it is here, Black Friday and some wonderful deals, and some cons too.

I’ve been keeping an eye on a TV in Currys, Started high then Early October it went down, i got a little excited but a mate suggested i wait until Black Friday which was 7 weeks away, great idea. In that time I continued to keep an eye on the TV, every time Currys was the best price, then early November the price went right back up, but not as high as when I first started to look !!! I could see what was happening.

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Goodbye Party cruises

There is not much I like when it comes to rules with P&O but I have to admit I am liking this new one of theirs coming into effect from the 1st Jan 2018.

Originally known as taster cruises for those wanting to give a short cruise a go before booking a full 7 to 14 night cruise these have slowly become known as party cruises and as a result have put off the real customer looking to see if cruising is for them.

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Britannia to the rescue

With our unrestful world we are living in there are so many dreadful stories from the seas.

Everyday 100s of poor and desperate people make the treacherous journey from Africa to Europe in hope of a peaceful life for themselves and their families.

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Carnival support the Caribbean Relief Effort

With the Caribbean Hurricane season now behind us (hopefully) the horrific damage it left behind still haunts the good people of the Caribbean. With scores of deaths to deal with Caribbeans are also living without the basics, Water, Electric or even a roof over their damaged property.

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New ships for Cunard and Azamara- Have your say on the naming.

This weeks big news is that Cunard will be adding another Queen to itโ€™s fleet. I am presuming she will be another Queen and will join the feet in 2022.

The Cunard Queens are very traditional in style & decor, talk now is will they stick with this and add a touch of the modern.

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Hurricane Irma- What to do next?

“Dreams come true”, “holiday of a lifetime”, “Bucketlist trip”, just a few statements to describe a cruise holiday to the Caribbean.

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Royal Caribbean to replace Big Ben

So Big Ben has been silenced for much needed renovation work to Elizabeth Tower, the UK has gone mad about it and even the MPs are crying over it, if only they were so much more passionate about real issues in ours and our neighbouring countries.

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World cruise under threat from Pirate Attack

It’s a sad world we live in at the moment, even if it is easier and quicker to get to far away beautiful Bucket List destinations.

Airport security checks are getting tighter and longer, police with machine guns are part of the furniture and the Foreign Office are sending out action plans for terror attacks whilst in resort ๐Ÿ™

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