Smoking on board , an age old problem ?

Oh here is that old chestnut yet again !! the smoking on board, I have recently been reading some of the reviews on our website, what a load of old rubbish !!

Some of the comments actually leave me speechless, anyone who knows me will think this very amusing !!

As smokers we do understand it is unpleasant for us to partake of the nicotine while enjoying the little drink on deck, but we really are doing harm only to ourselves, we now have the smallest areas on the biggest ships to have a cigarette yet people are still moaning about these !! what?? I have to walk down corridors and up 12 decks , am I moaning , we I suppose I do sometimes, especially if the weather is not great.

We had our conference on the Queen Mary two years ago , and if you have been on the Queen Mary you will know how big she is, and if not, she is 365 metres in length, three football pitches if you want to have an idea.

Well, our conference room was forward on deck two, and the smoking area deck eight Aft !!! This was December going to Bruges, not the warmest time of the year ! If we did get a break it was a mad dash 365 metres and back !!!

I know we will not get any sympathy from non-smokers and I totally appreciate that, generally smokers are a nice bunch, usually quite friendly , and then there is the few, who have most likely ruined things for everyone, throwing butts over balconies into the sea, thanks to them almost all cruise lines have stopped smoking on balconies, there are two left , Costa and Fred Olsen, not a great deal of choice.

You can liken it to the drinks as well, how now RCI are limited drinks to every 30 mins on packages, would not have believed this had I not been on Independence of the Seas in October last year, again probably been abused by few people and now we all suffer !!