Obstructed cabins on Celebrity Silhouette

Here she is the beautiful Celebrity silhouette , as you can see all the orange lifeboats in the picture are on deck five, there are no balcony cabins on this deck, they only start on deck six. This will be exactly the same in any of the Solstice class ships, so will include Eclipse, Reflection, Solstice, Equinox, and of course Silhouette. I said in a previous post how much the same they all are , this goes for the cabins too!!

There are two grades 2D and 2C one has the lifeboat almost halfway up the balcony , the 2C is sometimes just a mechanism or smaller “obstruction” it really doe not mean the life boats are swinging in your face !! I have now been on four of the Solstice class ships , and nearly always have a nice mid ship cabin on deck 6, generally a 2C, as with the loyalty upgrade, as long as the lower grades are available to book, you get the lower price.

You can still see out, and as we are not ones who sit on the balcony a great deal, the obstruction is of no consequence to us. We sometimes stand outside when going into ports, as this is early in the morning, otherwise we are up on deck next to the pool , in a restaurant or bar !!

These mid ship balconies are also in a great spot , directly below is the coffee bar, hubby will run down just one flight in the morning and get my cappuccino and pastries, room service is great, but on any ship I always find things get a tad cold by the time it reaches the cabin.

I would happily sell these cabins , and remember the upgrade still works if you want to go higher, you book a 2B and pay for a 2C there is not always a huge difference, but it all counts

Any questions on celebrity give me a call , I would like to start trying the millennium class now !! smaller so it will be interesting to see the difference



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