Celebrity Eclipse, deja vu

My favourite, the Martini bar !! and yes, I did have one very shortly after this pic !!

Having recently been on Silhouette for my own holiday, I was delighted to get another 5 nights on board Eclipse , just a week later !! And when I say deja vu , it was really strange as they are exactly the same, bars restaurants, lawn club, with the slight exception that the Silhouette has the cabanas and Lawn grille, the Eclipse still has the glass blowing area and no cabanas on the top deck

What did surprise me was the fact that there were 200 children on board, and apart from visiting the clubs when they were coming out, we did not see them. Having never really bothered with them before , as mine are grown up and do not cruise with me anyway, it was nice to see how they are kept amused all day, this is the 12-17 year olds, and lets face it people, these are the hardest to please, look at all they have, and all for them to come and go as they please

And the under 12’s are not forgotten either, they have just as much on offer, they also have a “sitting” option if the parents want to get off in a port that perhaps would bore the kids, or they just want some grown up time, they can stay on board and when the club closed between 12-2 they will take the little ones for lunch, this is chargeable @ $6 per child per hour which I thought very good, they then go back with them to the club for the afternoon and you can collect them before dinner. I honestly had no idea how good they were , all of the girls are highly qualified and multilingual, the lady we spoke to spoke three languages !!

There is a minimum age of 3 years old, and no baby watching facilities , you can take infants in but you need to stay with them.

The interconnecting cabins available are also perfect for families, giving space and security.



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