Cabin Grades what is the difference ?

Many people who cruise often know more about these than I do !! It is especially difficult with first time cruisers or maybe someone changing brands and believe me it is a minefield out there, here is a link I use all day every day

It has most of the main cruise lines on here, I have picked on Ventura (always seems to be her in my posts)

If you pick the ship and on the left had side the description , open this up an you will get this appear as below, there is a mine of information about cabins, whats in them and the different sizes, where they are on the ship.

This is particularly useful if you are booking a GUARANTEE cabin , where you will only be given the grade, not the number, some people will tell you they can tell you more or less where the cabin will be , this is sort of true, but still a big guess ! This is in the control of the cruise line and another important fact when booking this way you cannot opt out of the upgrade, this is the MINIMUM grade you will receive.

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On Decks:
Click for deck image Deck 8 E – HE
Click for deck image Deck 9 D – HD
Click for deck image Deck 10 C – HAHBHDHE
Click for deck image Deck 11 B – HAHBHDHE
Click for deck image Deck 12 A – HAHBHDHE
Click for deck image Deck 14 Riviera – HBHCHEHF
Click for deck image Deck 15 Lido – HCHF

– Two lower beds convertible to king-sized bed
– Bathroom shower and WC
– interactive TV system
– daily steward service
– radio and phone
– hairdryer
– refrigerator
– safe
– tea/coffee making facilities
– air conditioning
– floor to ceiling sliding glass doors leading to balcony with table and chairs
– vanity/writing desk
– chair
– wardrobe
– drawer space.

More Size Info: Balcony sizes range from 46 to 89 square feet. C deck balconies are sized 9 ft wide by 9 ft deep and have ceiling overhang cover over the first 5 ft.