Booking with an Agent, or go it alone

After the recent tragic events in the Caribbean , which has no blame to lay anywhere apart from mother nature, the question of wether to book with an agent springs to mind. had many passengers over in the Caribbean and we are happy to say they were all looked after , our sales support team worked tirelessly as did many of the consultants, getting hotel/transfers arranged , new flights booked, some people had to fly into different UK airports, and we still got them home.

If you do not believe me , here it is from a customer affected (names taken out for privacy) not my customer I may add, so not trying to blow my own trumpet.

They say the mark of a good company ( and an amazing travel consultant ) is when something goes wrong it is how it is handled !
Your response and subsequent arrangements in handling our mini crisis is becoming the talk of the ship!!
There are so so many couples who have been left high and dry by their travel agents that it is becoming slightly embarrassing when we tell them how our flights / hotel and transfers have been so efficiently and speedily handled by you ?
We are handing out addresses and in particular your email and direct telephone line to everyone we meet so out of adversity let’s hope you get some future business ?
Once again so many thanks and we will speak on our return .
Best wishes

P.s we will repeat all this on your blog when we get home and have internet time !
Wow you guys/gals are great

Strangely enough I thought about it today while having my hair done (forthcoming cruise, has to be done) I have been using the same hairdresser for years , then she retired , how rude !! Fortunately I was able to go to another lady who I also know at the same salon, why ? because they know me, its convenient, and the prices are reasonable, not quite as important as getting caught in a hurricane, but it makes my point.

We always try to give the best service we can, and maybe we are not always the cheapest, but this shows , sometimes its better to just go with the best !!