I’ll be back… (next year)

As you all know, I’m currently pregnant and will be leaving to go on maternity leave at some point in the next couple of months.

I’ll probably start my maternity leave from around the beginning of to mid November so if there’s anything you want to book before I head off, do get in touch.

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I WON!!!

As a lot of you will know, I was recently shortlisted as one of seven top UK Cruise Agents. I only found this out after numerous calls from Cruise Intl that I didn’t pay much attention to as I thought they were trying to sell me a magazine subscription!

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We’ve just returned from our week in Brixham, Devon and my, did we choose the right week to go for the weather!

We had one day of rain (the day before we came home) but the rest of the week was a scorcher! The children had factor 50 suncream on.

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Today saw MSC and Fincantieri celebrate the float out of their newest vessel, MSC Seaview.

The ceremony officially marked the first time the ship has touched water since construction began and was held at the Monfalcone shipyard which is in Italy.

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IT’S A……

As you’ll know, I announced a few weeks ago that we have a bun in the oven 🙂 See the post here:

I’m expecting!!!

Well, on Saturday morning we went for a scan, taking Aimee and Rafe with us. It was only a quick appointment, purely to have a quick check on baby and to determine the sex.

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Record number of cruise ships on order!

At the present moment, there are 87 cruise ships on order between now and 2026 – that’s a new record!

MSC have the highest number on order being 10 while Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean both have six ships on order each – two of which will be new Oasis Class ships for Royal Caribbean at 227,625 tons and 5,400 passengers a piece.

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I’m expecting!!!

Most of you will know I already have two wonderful children, Aimee and Rafe.

They’re currently 9 (Aimee will be 10 in September) and 6.

But I’m about to join the difficulties of finding 5 berth cabins!  Baby number 3 is on it’s way!!

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Ritz-Carlton join the cruising world!

It’s recently been announced that Ritz-Carlton will launch a cruise ship.

Apparently this has been 12 years in the planning according to Doug Prothero, managing director of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.

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What are the most popular cruise ports? Is your favourite on here?

There are SO many different cruise ports around the world but many people have their favourite.

This list shows which ports are the most popular based on passenger numbers per year. Is your favourite on here? Some of these surprised me – I expected Miami, Nassau etc to be on the list but didn’t necessarily expect New Orleans to be in the top 20 (although who could resist sailing up the Mississippi on a cruise ship??).

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I need your vote!

Yesterday I was given some very exciting – and unexpected – news!

Each year, Cruise International run the ‘Cruise International Awards’. They gather information from March onwards and have cruisers vote for their favourite from many categories. These include:

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