Start spreading the news, I’m leaving tonight! Well, almost…

Things are all very exciting this week as I am preparing for my New York trip next week.  I had an unexpected day off today so I went into town and spent about a weeks wage (it felt) in Boots on all of my toiletries.  It will be so funny when myself and the girls get to our suite and line up all of our purchases!  I got a bag for my birthday which I managed to change and also had a wee hair cut.  This afternoon I came home and tidied the house.  It’s amazing how much I get done when Millie is at school!  Once the house was spotless I decided to print off my documents.  I printed my flight ticket, hotel confirmation, ESTA (always good to have a copy), insurance document and our itinerary.  So, I think I am ready!!!  Just six sleeps to go 🙂  Here are some pictures of my last time which I will update with my new ones I come back!