My year in plans… Part One

Anyone who knows me will know I like a good plan.  I am super organised, well I like to think so.  Often that leaves me so busy I can’t fit in any more plans and that is what has happened this year!  So here are my plans for 2017…  So far anyway!

My year starts next month when I am off to New York with a few friends.  We are going for St Patricks weekend so it is all very exciting and I can’t wait.  I have my ESTA sorted, passport all ready and my dollars in my purse.  I just wish it would hurry up now.  April then sees me and Millie off to Ireland again to spend Easter with my friend Danielle.  This is like a new annual tradition.  Did you know that no drink is sold in Ireland on Good Friday?!

May brings Kevin and Millie to their first cruise.  We have booked the Celebrity Eclipse for a weekend which takes us to Paris, or close enough anyway.  We don’t plan to leave the ship as want to enjoy as much of it as possible.  Millie is excited to see our Sky Suite – as are we!  In the summer holidays we are taking a drive down to Bedford to visit my Dad for a long weekend.  We have no plans so far but have booked to go to the Harry Potter Studios which should be amazing.  I am obsessed with Harry Potter and Millie has followed in my footsteps so we are both very excited.

Come back in a fortnight to see my year part two x