My second blog – by Millie (aged 6 and 1/2)

Hello, it’s me Millie again.  I am now on my summer holidays from school and having a lot of fun.  I start in Primary 3 in two weeks.  Mummy is  taking me to London this weekend with Aunty Lou and Jack Jack.  I am so excited as we are going to see Aladdin and then the Athletics.  Mummy has ordered me some ear defenders in case the noise of the crowd is too loud for me.  I lost my first top tooth the other day and my second one is almost ready to come out.  This means I am a really big girl now!

I have some very exciting news to tell everyone.  Mummy, Kevin, me, Grandma and Granddad had dinner on Sunday at the Pizzaria.  I had a giant pepperoni pizza which was very spicy.  Mummy had chicken and she even had a pudding.  Kevin had chicken with parma ham and asparagus and I ate a lot of that.

After dinner we went home and I sang a song to Mummy and Kevin.  My song was about the things that they do to make me love them.  Mummy was crying when I finished my song and I think Kevin maybe was too.  Next me and Kevin sneaked off to the bedroom and we had a talk about getting a ring for Mummy.

We went back into the living room where Mummy was watching the Athletics.  I went over to Mummy with the ring box.  I asked ‘Will you marry Kevin?’  Mummy looked surprised and excited, she said to me ‘Hmmmm what do you think?’.  I said ‘I think you should as you are in love and he is very nice to me.’  Mummy said yes and then we all jumped about being very silly.  I am super excited as I get to be a flower girl!  Here is a picture of her sparkly ring.