My First Cruise – By Millie (Aged 6)

Hello.  I am called Millie.  My Mummy is called Stacey and she works selling lots of lovely cruises.  I love playing with my friends and my best friend is called Sophie.  I am in Primary 2 at school and won a silver medal today at Sports Day.  A fortnight ago I went on my first cruise holiday.  Mummy and Kevin took me on a big ship called the Celebrity Eclipse.  Mummy is now going to ask me some questions about the cruise.

What did you think when you first saw the ship?  It was amazing and it looked beautiful.  The ship looked very big – bigger than my school playground.  I was too small to see the top.

What did you like about our Sky Suite?  I liked the TV controls – which was a keyboard you could use to change the channels.  I loved my bed which was also a couch.  Our butler made my bed every night for me and even left me a chocolate.  I ate Mummy and Kevin’s too!  The balcony was so cool when we were in France.  I used the binoculars and I could see the people in France.

What did you think of the swimming pool deck?  This was almost my favourite thing on the ship.  As soon as I got on the ship I went straight in the hot tub with my friends little Jack, big Jack, Harry and Oscar.  We had great fun in the hot tub and stayed in until our skin went all wrinkly.  I spent all of the next day in the pool with another new friend Tallulah.

Did you try the room service?  Yes I did – twice!  One night we got in very late after the disco at around 1am.  I was very hungry so we ordered some food.   I ordered a lovely cheeseburger and chips.  I also had cheesecake for pudding!  We also had some fruit.  I couldn’t believe that the food was free, it was great.

What was your favourite part of the cruise?  The kids club!!!  It was called the Fun Factory and it was super fun.  They had some games, they also had a trampoline.  They had a computer that you could use to do Minecraft or Roblox if you wanted to.  There was also a colouring table and arts & crafts.  You could play football but not when the ship was moving.    They also have basketball.  The kids club was open until 10pm for free then Mummy could pay for me to stay until 1am – this costed $6 per hour.  I stayed late the first night but wanted to spend time with Mummy & Kevin on the second night.

I really loved the cruise, I loved the swimming pool and I want to go back on it.  Celebrity are my favourite cruise company but I am going on the Oasis of the Seas in October so that might change.

Thank you for reading my first blog.

Lots of love Millie x