New underwater experience for Royal Caribbean

As Cruise lines go I’ve always said I prefer the more traditional ship with no gimmicks, just good food and drink, good entertainment and company. I’m happy with that. Although I do appreciate that Cruise Lines have to move with the times to entice a new younger audience, as our more maturer customers reach a point where they can no longer travel.

It’s got to be said that when you’re looking for a forward thinking Cruise line with exciting experiences to be had on board you need not look any further than Royal Caribbean. They are a line who are continually pushing new ideas with their huge ship structures, dining options and entertainment.

From the 21st to the 25th June RCI are launching a new underwater experience which will allow passengers to see deep below the oceans surface through a custom scuba mask called a ‘Seaseeker’ which allows the user to snapchat from underwater.

Being a keen scuba diver I think this is a great new experience and cruisers will love it.

Some of the world’s most renowned divers will participate in the campaign, including marine wildlife photographer and conservationist Roberto Ochoa, who will showcase the annual migration of Whale Sharks in Cozumel, Mexico.

Later on, marine biologist Gabriela Nava will snap images of a coral reef restoration project in Mexico, and free diver Ashleigh Baird will also give users a unique perspective of Belize’s Great Blue Hole underwater sinkhole.

For passengers who have a passion for marine life and diving this will be an opportunity not to be missed. I think it may also entice passengers to take up scuba who have never even considered it before.

I’ve been quite lucky to dive in some fantastic locations including Sharm El Sheikh, Mexico and the Great Barrier reef. My most memorable dive funny enough was in Gran Canaria where we did a superb wreck dive, it was just like retracing the titanic!

I hope this experience works well for them and look forward to trying it for myself one day, although I’m not sure it will quite compare to the real thing, what do you think??