Don’t miss the boat……..

Reports are in stating that European Airports are in meltdown due to increases in security resulting in passengers been left in queues for hours on end and even some passengers missing flights even when arriving at the Airport at least 3 hours prior to take off.

My advice if you are flying to meet a cruise in August and September is to get to the Airport in plenty of time to ensure you manage to get through Passport control with plenty of time to spare and with as little stress as possible.

This news will only bring good news to the UK Cruise Market and hopefully increase our UK departure Ports.

I’m finding more and more passengers are choosing not to fly for one reason or another. I can safely say after seeing the pictures in the press today, I’m delighted to be travelling from Southampton on our cruise at the end of this month. I’ve worked overseas for many years and dealt with my fare share of baggage and immigration staff strikes.

I remember the first flight to arrive into Kefalonia for the Season in 2007 was a Glasgow flight with 220 passengers but unfortunately no luggage. That’s right not one single case!! There is a reason why that season has stayed with me for many years!!!!!

I do appreciate we need tough processes within our Airports, therefore we should have adequate staffing levels to deal with the amount of passengers travelling through. They know how many fights are due in per day and how many passengers are likely to be on those flights. So is it really that hard to do the math to work out how many staff will be required to check that amount of passengers.

Come on guys, pull your fingers out. We work hard to give you the Tourism, at lease meet us half way and try to make it an experience that is as stress free as possible, else your tourists will not be returning. We’ve got plenty of other places we can be sending them. ……



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