Book now for 2018…..

So many passengers always ask me when is the best time to book, will we get a better deal if we leave it to a few months before the cruise departs.

At the rate cruises are selling for next year my advice is don’t delay start looking & booking now for 2018 as I”m not sure what will be left if you leave it to the last minute. I’m now quoting more & more cruises for 2019.

I recently booked some friends 4 cabins on a Celebrity med cruise for August next year, the flights are not even released yet however we were shocked to find the cruise is almost full. I could understand if it was a one off exotic itinerary but we’re talking the Med in August 2018.

We all want to get the best deal when booking a holiday, including me, so I advise passengers to go with the best promotion that suits them. The cruise lines will always run a promotion every month and sometimes run a guarantee cabin option alongside the current promotion. The trick is to book when they are running a campaign that suits you, not just because it’s the cheapest deal you’ve ever seen the cruise at.

It’s no good waiting for the drinks promotion to come back onto a sailing if you’re not big drinkers. I’ve found that passengers have gone crazy for drinks packages over the last 18 months however they are now becoming more clued up and find that when they add up what they would usually spend on their bar bill and the extra they have paid for the drinks package promo they would have been better booking on a guarantee offer and paying for the drinks as they go along.

We’ve booked a better deal with Royal Caribbean by booking a guarantee cabin and adding the drinks package on our cruise personaliser after booking when they were running a 30% discount promotion.

Don’t pick the offer with huge amounts of on board credit because it sounds great at the time and then struggle to spend it on board on things you really don’t want or need.

So heads up, if you want to get on a cruise in 2018 you should be looking now as demand is high and we wouldn’t want you to miss out now would we…….