Are you ATOL protected???

With the recent Ryan air melt down, it has highlighted just how important it is to be ATOL protected. Here at we ensure you are fully covered from tip to toe. But what does it actually mean to be ATOL protected???

Basically it means if things go wrong we put them right.

With the extensive range of Tailor Made packages we offer from our Bucket List cruises to Smarter packages and even the bespoke packages you ask us to build exclusively for you we ensure you are fully ATOL protected.

Many passengers are always looking for the cheapest way to book a fly cruise holiday. For those of you out there who are more than confident to book your own flights the recent Ryan Air fiasco surely has to highlight the fact that sometimes it’s just easier and less hassle to let us do all the hard work for you and also for us to carry the can when anything goes wrong.

I spoke to some passengers earlier this week who I had not personally booked, but had chosen to book a cruise only fly cruise with us earlier this year to keep costs down, and yes they had booked their flights with Ryan Air. They are travelling in 3 weeks time and had just been informed by Ryan Air that their flights have been cancelled and they are struggling to get their money back in time for them to re-book alternative flights, They were a party of ten with a huge headache on their hands.

Now had they chosen to book their flights & cruise all through us it would be us reaching for the paracetamol and working hard to get this problem resolved. Obviously I assisted as best I could to look at alternative flights, however their only option was to add extra nights hotel stays in order to meet the cruise and connect from the UK. And who has to pay for this? Unfortunately they do.

However had they booked their package all through us we would be putting our hands in our pockets to cover this cost for them.

So a lesson well learnt over the last week if you don’t want the headache let us book your ATOL protected fly cruise package and relieve you of all that stress!!!!!



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