Here is some food for thought


A massive part of your cruise experience is the dining. Meeting new people, the staff in the restaurant and enjoying the wonderful menus on offer.
I love the fine dining and having lots of choice! Trying something new or something you would not normally try is all part of your cruising holiday.

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Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Chinese new year!

We say hello to the year of the rooster and goodbye to the year of the monkey!

Look what my daughter made at playgroup! With only a little help from me!

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P&O cruise to offer Virgin Atlantic flights to the Caribbean


P&O offer some fantastic islands and resorts in the Caribbean and have done for a number of years now. Returning to the same destinations doesn’t seem to bother regular and repeat P&O customers because lets face it, when you are only in the ports for 1 day there is always something new to see or visiting your favorite beach may be something you really enjoy.

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The perfect trip to the Panama Canal


Happy New Year! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

A customer of mine recently returned from a fantastic trip cruising the Panama Canal. The scenery is spectacular and the Canal structure is engineering at its best!

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Celebrity cruise will sail from Dublin in 2018


Celebrity cruises have announced that they will be offering cruises departing out of the port of Dublin in summer 2018!

What exciting news for Ireland and Northern Ireland. This move is the 1st major cruise line to offer sailings out of Dublin. This year Dublin has seen 113 ships visit the port so it has proved how popular the port is.

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Adonia returns to the P&O fleet


The P&O Adonia left the P&O fleet in 2015 year and headed to Cuba on a new venture and was re named Fathom. The idea was to introduce volunteer tourism to cruising which involved helping communities in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The would help build water filters and teach English to the locals.

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Black Friday – what will you be buying?


Black Friday is an American tradition which officially kicks off the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday began back in 1932 and takes place the Friday following thanks giving in USA.

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An Arctic expedition verse Mediterranean Magic


The days are getting shorter and the cold weather has just set in! I took my daughter to the park on Saturday and there was a real chill in the air. Hats and gloves are officially out!

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Does the cruise industry need a shake up?

Does the cruise industry need a shake up?

According to Richard Branson it does! Last week he called cruises ‘awful’ and plans to shake up the cruising industry by introducing Virgin Voyages.

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How to avoid a hurricane in the Caribbean

Last week saw the devastating hurricane Matthew which is still causing deadly flooding in Southern parts of the US.

Parts of Haiti have been completely destroyed and now there is a fear of cholera outbreak due to the flooding.

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