Silversea announce a $170m Fleet refurbishment program


Silvesea Cruises are a Six star ultra luxury inclusive cruise line competing in the same market with cruise lines such as Regent, Seabourn and Crystal Cruises.

Feedback from my clients on Silversea has always been good apart from a number of my clients have told me that they felt some of their ships are now starting to feel a little tired and in need of some refurbishment. Thankfully the good news has come that these refurbishments are now planned for later this year. A good job too I think as Silversea have very strong competition from these other brands and don’t want to get a reputation of running a tired fleet.

The Silver Whisper, refurbishments will include suites and public spaces, including fresh tiling of the swimming pool and new floors in the restaurants. And Silver Whisper’s on-board technology will also be upgraded, with the addition of two satellite antennas set to increase internet speeds and allow guests to watch the new interactive TVs and on-demand movies, which will be available in every suite.

Silver Wind will also be getting refurbishment work done in October this year with similar work planned to the Whisper.

Silversea have said that further details of their fleet-wide refurbishment will be forth coming but in the meantime this is great news for anyone who loves to cruise with Silversea.