P&O Oceana fails a recent hygiene inspection


Twice a year there are inspections of ships by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On the 1st March this year the P&O was inspected and unfortunately failed the checks as it scored 82 out of 100.

The score needed to pass is 85 so she was close, I certainly wouldn’t be alarmed if you are due to sail on the Oceana but it does show that they have areas that need to be improved upon.

It is very rare that I hear of any ships failing this test though. The standards of cleanliness and hygiene are extremely high on cruise ships in general.

I have read that the failings were mostly to do with the swimming and spa pools as there we concerns that they had not been disinfected and contained insufficient levels of chlorine and bromine.

There were some mark downs in the kitchen too though with soiled tile grouts and some fruit flies found above a preparation counter behind a beverage station.

Be rest assured that P&O will take these things very seriously and there will be re-tests to make sure everything has been brought back up to the required levels.

It is good to hear that these stringent test are regularly carried out with our best interests and health being considered.