P&O Announce a new ship


P&O Cruises have just announced that they are building a new ship set to launch in 2020 and she will be larger than any previous ships they have had built. In fact the new ship will be 180,000 tons and will accommodate approximately 5200 guests.

This new ship is set to be one of the first of a new generation of ships that will be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas. This will significantly reduce emissions and help protect the environment as opposed to previous methods and I am sure this will be costing the cruise line significantly less money to sail on too.

The specific features that this ship will have to offer will be announced in the future but I am optimistic that there will be some interesting additions due to the size of the ship and P&O will want to better anything they have previously done.

This is again great news for British cruisers as it means that further investment is being made and yet more options will be available.

I am waiting to see how this ship will be designed and laid out as I have noticed that the space to passenger ratio seems to be reducing on some of these newer ships.

For example the Queen Mary 2 has a good passenger to space ration, is 148,500 tons and holds 2695 guests. The Independence of the Seas is 160,000 tons and holds 4370 guests. Are we getting less space for our money on these new ships ? I personally do prefer the larger more modern ships and I guess the statistics don’t count for everything, it’s the on-board experience that matters the most.